Boring Tools Cutting Data Tables

EWN 04-22 EWN 2-32

Ø 2.0-22.0 Ø 2.0-32.0

Cutting data

The cutting data for the fine boring heads EWN 04-22 and EWN/EWE 2-32 start from Ø 2.0 mm and are the same for all the heads up to the diameter range Ø 8.8 - 10.0 (12.8) mm. On these pages, there is a two colour headline bright and dark yellow. As from diameter 9.8 mm, there are different cutting data for the heads EWN 04-22 and EWN/EWE 2-32. The headlines for EWN 04-22 are coloured bright yellow, the ones for EWN/EWE 2-32 dark yellow. The cutting data are applicable when tool holders and boring cutters made of carbide are used (exception EWN 04-22, diameter range 13.8 - 21.8 mm). The different diameter ranges are in line with the existing accessories. On a double page, there is the cutting data for one specific diameter range. The columns “universal” and “optimized” differ in terms of cutting data and inserts. The cutting data in the column „optimized” are applicable when the best possible accessories for each diameter range are used. This includes the use of adjustable tool holders for the EWN/EWE 2-32 for diameter 9.8 mm and bigger. The optimized accessories are clamped in the center, or close to the central position. Therefore, the imbalance is minimized, which permits higher cutting speeds. The listed inserts reflect the best possible choices under consideration of workpiece material and boring depth.

In the column „universal“ , the cutting data are lower and the choice of inserts is reduced. The lower data permits a bigger applicable boring range (starting diameter + 4 mm). The use of this data is recommended for single piece production.

Important: The cutting data must in any case be adapted to the working conditions

Application advices for adjustable tool holders

Set adjustable tool holder to the centre position by means of the scale screw

Set the insert holder to the desired diameter

Measuring cut: Reduce diame- ter setting by 0.1 mm by means of the scale screw • Adjust insert holder to the measuring cut diameter • Performmeasuring cut, measure bore diameter • Adjust difference by means of scale screw



In the table the following terms and dimensions are used: Workpiece material: Material no. according to DIN or generally used designation Boring depth X: Projection of the tool holder



Detailed information about the inserts is shown in the BIG KAISERmain catalogue.


Nose radius of boring cutter/insert



Cutting speed


Stock allow.:

Sock allowance per cut in Ø



Feed per revolution



Surface quality (Ra 1.6 µm for N7)

Balanceable fine boring head EWB 2-32 There are special cutting data and adjustment tables for the balanceable fine boring head EWB 2-32. They are delivered with the tool.


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