UNILOCK Supplemental Modular Workholding System Vol. 2


ESA125/85—FLAT CHUCK The ESA125/85 FLAT CHUCK is a new body form for the SYSTEM 40 knob for smaller parts and machines with smaller work envelopes. The clamping is manual, eliminating the need for air. The use of a torque limiting wrench is recommended in cases where a lighter retention force is required and to limit overtightening. The chuck can be used on its own or in combination with other chucks. •Compact body form •Precision timing slots on the top face •Precision location bores on the bottom face •Mounting via M12 or M16 screws

Clamping Pin


Locking Screw

Clamping Pin

M6 X 1 Mm Extended Point Screw L16

Chuck Model

Catalog Number




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