BIG KAISER Measuring Instruments 2018-2019


MAGIS OVERVIEW No Better or Easier Way to Improve Your Process

The STP MAGIS generation of tool presetting and measuring systems has revolutionized the value of entry-level tool measurement with unmatched ergonomic solutions. The innovative SIMPLE VISION control delivers all of the needed measuring features and functions in a user-friendly, clean and trouble-free single-screen user interface.

Rapid axis movement pneumatically activated. Independent and simultaneous buttons guarantee smooth and precise movement.

Industrial grade controls are conveniently positioned for ease of use. The pneumatically activated spindle disc brake system allows for locking at any point in the 360º rotation.

Front light (episcopy) allows for the manual inspection of the tool tip/insert detecting wear or cracks.

Equipped with micron precise Heidenhain ® glass scales, height precision guideways and the largest and toughest recirculating ball bearing contact face in its class. Guarantees the highest precision and repeatability along the system’s entire measuring range.

Precision ground integrated spindle with calibration edge for the fast and easy recalibration. Taper angle tolerance AT1. No need for an external caliper or master.

X & Z-axis fine adjustment hand wheels allow for micron precise smooth adjustments.

• The structure of the MAGIS is made completely of aged pearlitic cast iron in order to guarantee the best thermal stability • The solid design eliminates the need for frequent recalibration, guaranteeing the precision and repeatability of your system

• High frequency sub-pixel analysis delivers a 45x standard optical magnification • Integrated high precision vertical rotating spindle for robustness, reliability and unmatched precision — T.I.R .0003" at 400mm


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