Unilock Modular Workholding System Vol. 2

ZERO-POINT CLAMPING SYSTEM Meeting the challenge to set up every process as efficiently as possible with a simple clamping concept. In a competitive environment, all production cells need efficient workpiece handling solutions. Production diversity should not be a barrier. Let Unilock’s zero-point clamping system lead the way with efficient part loading solutions for low and high volume production runs. Unilock virtually eliminates all setup time and replaces it with production time. If your company needs to increase its agility, Unilock will allow you to run any job on any available manufacturing cell. You can interrupt jobs without incurring setup time and then switch back as needed. When all of your manufacturing cells have Unilock, work can quickly flow to any available resource. Get lean and agile on your shop floor with a comprehensive positioning and clamping system that can be applied to almost anything you manufacture or assemble.


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