BIG KAISER High Performance Tooling Solutions 2018-2019


Chamfering Tool HOLE DIAMETER: ø.20"-1.00" The carbide guide prevents chatter on bench drilling machines. Economical three-corner insert.


Carbide Guide Allows Stable Cutting Carbide guide allows stable cutting and prevents triangular chamfering. It does not damage the body, extending the life. Insert That Does Not Need to be Reground Inserts do not require regrinding. Moreover, the carbide coating insert with 3 usable corners offers lower cost and extended tool life.

Carbide Guide

Although the C-Cutter Boy has been developed for chamfering using a drill press, it is also capable of stable chamfering without chattering even in low-rigidity conditions such as horizontal machining with long projection, thanks to the carbide guide.

Back Spot Facer CAP BOLT SIZE: M6 - M30 •Economical insert type •Optimal design that matches the cap bolt size BF-CUTTER

Reliable Cooling Through Oil Hole Coolant can be supplied to cutting edges (all models).

It securely supplies coolant even in places that are hard to reach such as when machining a rear surface, contributing to the extension of tool life.

Easy NC Programming Simple programming: Offset the machine spindle and starting hole centers before inserting the BF-Cutter into the hole. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

There is no official standard spot facing diameter for the cap bolt. Unifying the cap bolt spot facing diameter is one of the ways to reduce costs. In doing so, consider the spot facing diameter of the BF-Cutter.


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