BIG KAISER High Performance Tooling Solutions 2018-2019


Quick Detection of Reference Position Measuring is the decisive factor for the following process. Sensor series minimizes machine down time.

Touch Probe & Edge Finder

POINT MASTER PRO 3-D Touch Probe For all cutting tools, workpieces and machine tools 3-Dimensional Touch Sensor Series

POINT MASTER For use with conductive cutting tools, workpieces, and machine tools. Detection with LED and beep

ACCU CENTER High precision edge finder suitable for all materials. Repeatability within 3μm.

3D MASTER RED Dial indicator 3-D measuring instrument.


Make sure to check the coating material on the cutting tool before using conductive compact sensors. TiN coatings are conductive, but some multi-layer coatings do not conduct electricity. High speed machine tool spindles often use non-conductive ceramic bearings. Select sensors available for any material for use under nonconductive environments.


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