BIG KAISER High Performance Tooling Solutions 2018-2019


SET UP INFORMATION Preparing the Stop Block

For ANGLE HEADS. The ANGLE HEAD utilizes a Locating Pin that engages with the Stop Block, which is mounted to the machine spindle to prevent radial movement of the ANGLE HEAD during operation. Therefore, it is necessary to use a Stop Block with the proper dimensions to match the Locating Pin of the ANGLE HEAD. Please contact a BIG KAISER agent if using an existing Stop Block.

STANDARD SETUP OF THE LOCATING PIN Please note that the “S” dimension and Fixed Length “A” are not adjustable by the user. If the standard dimensional values shown below are not suitable for your machine, please contact a BIG KAISER agent. “S” Dimension The distance from the centerline of the ANGLE HEAD spindle to the centerline of the Locating Pin. Fixed Length “A” The axial distance from the gage line to the top of the Locating Pin, when the Locating Pin is properly engaged in the Stop Block.

Catalog Number

Dimension S

Fixed Length A



2.559 4.331

.315 .236


STOP BLOCK DIMENSIONS Please order a Stop Block from the machine tool builder. Refer to the following diagrams for the proper Stop Block groove dimensions and configurations for use with a ANGLE HEAD.

1.260 1.181 1.102 .894


.709 .772

+0º -15º Gaging 10º


+0º -15º Gaging 10º

O-Ring (P12/JIS)

O-Ring (P12/JIS)

Stop Block

S=2.559" (65mm) / S=3.150" (80mm)

S=4.331" (110mm)

For a BCV50/BBT50 unit with an 3.150 “S” dimension, please use the Stop Block dimensions for BCV40/BBT40, as the Locating Pin dimension differs from that of a standard unit with a 4.331 ”S” dimension. ! CAUTION


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