BIG KAISER High Performance Tooling Solutions 2018-2019


High Precision Finish Boring Heads SERIES 310

EWN, SERIES 310 The precision boring heads EWN series 310 cover a range of ø.590"-8.000" with only 7 precision boring heads. Due to the optimized balance over the whole adjustment range, cutting speeds up to 4,000 SFM are possible. • Precision boring heads EWN and EWD, series 310 feature equal boring ranges and body dimensions and allow the use of the same accessories.

EWE, SERIES 310 The boring heads EWD series 310 with digital technology combine all advantages of the analogue boring heads EWN. Thanks to the large display with a resolution of .00005"/ø bores with extremely tight tolerances can be machined.



EW x M6 & M10 Threaded Micro Head

Direct Measuring Diameter Allows Corrections In Both Directions With a direct electronic measuring system on the tool carrier and a resolution of .00005"/ø enable diameter corrections with an unmatched accuracy.

Back Boring Insert holder can be mounted in opposite direction for an easy changeover to back boring.

Versatile Tool Insert holders for many types of inserts (TP/TC, CC, and different angles) as well as accessories for face grooving are available.

EWB, SERIES 310 — AUTO-BALANCE TYPE Maximize cutting speeds and feeds due to an integrated counterweight, which allows for precision balancing of the tool assembly. Significant improvements to bore quality, surface finish and tool life. Cutting speeds up to 6,600 SFM are possible.



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