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Fueling SuperATV’s Performance

John Westrick

much larger manufacturing and warehouse space, a 600-acre test facility and a team of in- house designers, engineers and fabricators—every idea, prototype and production-ready part is built and tested with the utmost care. In order to keep to their commitment, SuperATV requires equipment that can keep up with the speed of their production—and their ideas. Powering Up Performance To ensure equipment is running efficiently and producing parts and accessories that deliver

Switching to the MEGA DOUBLE POWER chuck has decreased roughing cycle time by 19%.

When Harold Hunt first started SuperATV in his garage, it was to fill a small need for off-road enthusiasts like himself. It turns out, that need was much bigger than Hunt could’ve ever imagined. As the demand for his exclusive 2" Sportsman lift design grew, so did SuperATV’s product line. Their passion to fuel riders, and their rides, drives SuperATV to constantly innovate

and improve every part of every machine available. Today, the company offers a full range of aftermarket ATV and UTV parts and accessories—from axles to long travel kits—that are designed to amp up machine performance and take things to the next level. No matter how much SuperATV grows though, you will find the same commitment to quality and affordability. With a


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