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3. Align Automatic Tool Changers

Essentially an entry-level form of automation, ATCs are a popular way to improve setup and changeover efficiency. As with any other machine component, accuracy matters. Misalignment between the spindle and ATC gripper can damage the spindle taper, and clamping a misaligned holder may increase runout and shorten tool life. ATC alignment tools can help realign the center point between the spindle and gripper. They also could realign the gripper with tool magazine pockets. 4. Level Worktables A small imperfection in a spindle taper can interfere with a cut, and the same can be said for a table. Just like adjusting a tool while it’s in a spindle is tricky, adjusting a table while verifying that it is level is easier said than done. Leveling systems with two-axis simultaneous detection and extreme optical precision that send a remote signal to a device outside the machine have been developed to simplify this process. The operator can adjust the table and see the results in real time.

5. Test Retention Force The retention force of a machine tool spindle is critical to imparting fine surface finishes and achieving acceptable tool life, but the pulling force produced by the clamping device of machine tools can deteriorate due to degradation of disc springs or wear of amplifier components. Testing retention is most easily and accurately performed with a tool clamp measuring device that accepts a holder and pull stud, which is inserted into a spindle and then provides a reading. Performing these five maintenance steps can go a long way toward ensuring that capital investments continue to pay off, tool life is extended and parts are done right the first time. Don’t let what is preventable cost you money.

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